Practice What You Preach.

Marketing is an interesting game with countless pawns. There’s field marketing, digital strategy, SEO, social surround strategy, social selling, email marketing, and countless others. When I first started really delving into the meat of marketing about 6 months ago, I felt as if the saying, “Jack of all trades, but master of none,” fit me to a ‘T’. Okay, so I still feel like this sometimes. But, it’s an addicting game which makes every day fun. Non-stop aspects to learn, implement, and build upon. I’m finding that heavily integrating marketing and technology is the key to success. When meshing the two you build credibility and a network of people that will put you in the right direction. Practicing what you preach is KEY! For example, I work at an IT and Cyber security training organization. We are an extremely small company. Why does that matter? Because with a small company comes a small budget and a small team. So, how are you going to build that insane network that you need to complement great digital strategy without at least some knowledge of IT? The answer is you aren’t. You just simply can’t build the well-rounded network you need without having a genuine interest in the product or service you are pushing.

First, gain the literary knowledge. Do it the old fashioned way: put your head into a book and read! This is step one. Before even thinking about breathing in the direction of a client or tapping a key on your keyboard you need to have some sense of believability. Learn what your particular consumers expect, want, and need. Otherwise, anything you say or do is garbage and filler.

Once the literary knowledge is there, move onto practical. Get your hands a little dirty and see what your targets are dealing with. Hey, you may even find yourself a new hobby. I’m speaking from complete experience here. This is something I’m doing and it’s working!

Get excited about what you’re doing for a living. Enjoy your work day. Look forward to running ROI reports and seeing what your ideas are doing for your company. Share ideas. Marketing = Networking. Period.

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